About Us

The founder of A&A Chesterfield Sdn Bhd has over 30 years worth of experience
designing and manufacturing high quality, hand crafted leather furniture
in Malaysia. Each of our highly trained Leather Specialist has a minimum
of 5 years worth of experience in the leather industry.

Our aim is to offer great sofas at great prices by attending to our clients'
requirements and to help them create the perfect piece of leather
chesterfield furniture. We supplies handcrafted fine leather products to
Europe, Australia,Korea, Canada and South Africa. The unique range
that our Chesterfields designs offer is extensive and all products are handmade in
Malaysia using only the finest leathers and hardwood frames.


A&A Chesterfield Sdn Bhd, founded in 2009 is a professional factory
manufacturer specializes in manufacturing classic and high quality
Chesterfield furniture.All our Chesterfield pieces are handmade individually by our experienced 
craftsmen using the finest natural leather.The A&A Chesterfield Collection represents a selection
of our fine crafted furniture.Our craftsmen place full emphasis 
in every detail in the manufacturing process from selection of material to
crafting of the product. Quality control is extremely stringent throughout.
We are proud of our reputation in providing
the finest quality and craftsmanship to the highest possible standard.