About Us

A&A Chesterfield LeatherSofa Manufacturer Malaysia - It’s in our name what we do for people who want tobuy a sofa. The founder of A&A Chesterfield Sdn Bhd has over 30 years’worth of experience designing and manufacturing high quality, hand craftedleather furniture in Malaysia. We started https://aachesterfield.com

30 years back when we firstnoticed that buying a sofa to fit the space you want can be quite difficult andexpensive. We aim to solve sofa shopper’s problems when buying a sofa to fit atight space. We can make you a sofa that will fit your space, withoutcompromising which design or style you can pick.

That is why when shopping andbuying sofas with us we ask for you to first choose a design from our growingselection of  hand designs ChesterfieldSofa Malaysia  - If our sizes are to suityour space then that’s fine, but if you see a sofa that doesn’t fit in your space,we can custom-made it.

The leather Chesterfield sofaMalaysia has been part of English heritage for many years. It is the ultimatein elegance and sophistication. Intense workmanship and attention to detail arethe hallmarks of our chesterfield furniture. Each of our highly trained LeatherSpecialist has a minimum of 5 years’ worth of experience in the leatherindustry.

Chesterfield sofa Selangor give you complete control over how you want your sofas to look like, sometimes toomuch! But it makes our customers happy with the sofa they buy from us here!


A&A Chesterfield Sdn Bhd, founded in 2009 is a professional factory manufacturer specializes in manufacturing classic and high quality Chesterfield furniture. All our Chesterfield pieces are handmade individually by our experienced craftsmen using the finest natural leather. The A&A Chesterfield Collection represents a selection of our fine crafted furniture. Our craftsmen place full emphasis in every detail in the manufacturing process from selection of material to crafting of the product. Quality control is extremely stringent throughout. We are proud of our reputation in providing the finest quality and craftsmanship to the highest possible standard.